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$50 Amazon Gift Card Contest!
Author Message
$50 Amazon Gift Card Contest! #1
Hi everyone! For the opening of this forum and it's community, I would like to hold an incentive for new users. This forum has a built-in Credit's system that automatically awards you points for forum participation such as referring a member, making posts, participating in polls and making posts. Although there are no concrete plans at the moment, I plan to open a credit store to reward active users of the forum with actions such as name changing, vanity username styling, post bit customization, exclusive event and forum badges and more!

So right now, I would like to host a contest that is open to any user of this forum. A $50 Amazon Gift card code to the first user to reach 1000 Credits!
Credits must be earned yourself and not have been donated.
Visit the credits page for more information on how to earn points
This event currently does not have an end date. Good luck!~


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